Yuki Iwaoka

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Yuki Iwaoka

 Photography & Impressionism


I love to capture normal day life moments and scenes

through the strange sur-realistic touch of HDR .

I would like to share this experience.

Feel free to contact me :


Photos posted on this site , are all copyright free.

Feel free to print it , share it and download it .

Thank you for visiting Picturize .


66 thoughts on “Yuki Iwaoka

  1. Wow your Photos are amazing, you are a very unique talent with an amazing eye for just that right moment . I am definitely a hug he fan

    • Thanks so much for the comment!

      I started this photo blog just for fun,
      but now, this is what keeps me going 🙂
      I love digital photography.

    • Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment Gianni! I will keep on trying to shoot something more interesting, so I won’t bore you someday 😉

  2. My humble thanks for your compliments and time.
    I am a fan of your work. Your use of color and composition are outstanding.

    • I must thank you too, for leaving me such a meaningful comment. I love to seek for new bloggers and photographers for fresh inspiration. That’s why this whole photo blog community on wordpress is a exciting place to be!

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comment Mr. Willey! (did I get your name right?)

      I often receive negative feedback from my friends and family that what I do is “not photography”. I believe post processing is just another way to portray our impression into photography.

      That’s why your comment means a lot to me, thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment Gpcox!

      I guess I must appreciate the technology we have today, where anyone with a camera can become a photographer.

      We no longer need to pay and promote ourselves to share our work around the world. Which is great, for fine art photographers such as myself because we are able to take risks without any costs. That’s why I love this whole internet community.

      Very pleased to meet you too, thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. They are so pretty!! Even things that normally we’ll ignore can look so astounding. Most of your photos are taken in Nagano and Tokyo, do you also travel around to other places?

    • Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment Niken!

      I have many shots taken in Nagano and Tokyo, because first of all I love Nagano! This place has beautiful nature and many photogenic spots as well as traditional architectures.
      There’s many buddhist temples and shinto shrines, which some of them are registered as a cultural heritage site. Secondly, I currently live in Tokyo. So when I’m out of budget to travel, I would walk around this city to find something interesting.

      There’s still so many other places to explore and I will travel anywhere as long as I can afford to. I will be travelling to Oita next week (located in the southern part of Japan) so I’m really excited already for the fresh inspiration!

  4. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog Yuki, your photos are stunningly beautiful. I wish I were closer to Japan, we could have a few beers and exchange but fortunately, we have the Internet. You are a true master. Congrats

    • Thanks so much for the wonderful comment Yann! It’s an honor to be called a master from a master himself 🙂 I love your passion towards photography and exploration for all different kinds of styles, location and subjects.

      I’ve always wanted to visit and tour around Europe for a photo trip, so maybe we really could meet up sometimes. That would definitely be a precious and inspiring experience for me.

      But until then, we can always share and exchange ideas through the lens of our camera!

      • Indeed Yuki, that’s the beauty of the Internet. Unfortunately, my camera and all my kit was stolen last week. But I have ordered a new one. I will not let the turkeys get me down!

      • That is wonderful! Starting off with a new buddy, nice and fresh. I will definitely be looking forward to your new posts!

      • Fact is the one I got stolen was a nice and brand new D600, an upgrade from my D7000 (like yours). It was barely months old.

      • Wow, that must be a whole lot of pain. Especially when it’s a step up to a brand new full size censored camera.

        Just like you did, I was also thinking of getting a D600 and a set of lenses, so I can imagine what it feels like. I’m sure karma will get him!

  5. I stopped by from Mark Shimazu Photograhy…I’m a beginner and have learned a great deal from Mark…I was thinking I may learn here as well! Your photos are fabulous…

    • Thank you for your kind comment Heather. You are very welcome here!

      The fact is, I’m still a beginner myself and only just started shooting 1 year ago. I still have lots to learn from others and of course, Mark is one of them too!

      But if you do have any questions, you can comment on my photos, and I will be very glad to help you with what I can!

      • Hey Yuki…thank you for your offer to help…it is greatly appreciated! After reading that you consider yourself a beginner I decided to go back to the beginning of your blog…the word beginner doesn’t fit when I look at your photos…you have such a natural eye for perspective, detail and composition…having said that I do understand the want/need to improve. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

      • Thank you for all the comments and feedback Heather! And thank you too for checking out my older posts! I really appreciate your kindness.

        I think it’s always challenging and fun that I still have so much to learn and so much to improve on. That way, the more I learn the better I get! And I’m glad I met you too, now we can both learn from each other what is interesting to shoot 🙂 I’ll definitely be looking forward to your new posts!

    • Thank you for the compliment Cyndi!

      It’s a great pleasure and honour to have a wonderful comment and feedback from a talented photographer, such as yourself. It means a lot to me, especially when I’m practicing everyday to try to improve on my skills and to find my own style. Thank you very much 🙂

    • Thank you so much, for all the nice compliments and feedback! I really appreciate it 🙂

      Just like yourself, my biggest interest is to go out anywhere with a camera and try to imagine what it would look like in HDR. I am very glad to know that you also see how I would see the world and I am also glad that I have an opportunity to share what I do!

      Thank you so much the add and I will be looking forward to see your work as well!

    • Thank you Nippaku for your nomination to the award! I appreciate your kindness and support. It means a lot to me that you were one of the first followers of this blog and still visiting my posts after a year! Please forgive me for my late reply.

      Unfortunately I am a very lazy man especially when it comes to writing. So I cannot cover all the criteria to receive the award, but I thought I wanted to answer the 11 questions that you prepared for me. They might not be the perfect answer but I tried my best 🙂

      1. Why did you decide to start blogging ?

      Back then in Japan, when I started blogging 1 year ago, I was a graphic design student in Tokyo Metropolitan University.

      I guess I was a very busy student. Because of what I had been doing and studying, I would often find myself sitting in front of the computer screen for hours and hours. Eventually, the computer became my studio, a work space and a room for my creativity.

      Just like we hang nice paintings and pictures on the wall for a mood change, I really enjoyed looking for some nice images of art piece on the internet, to set for my screen’s wallpaper.

      It could have been a digital art, it could have been a typography poster, it could have been a simple plain texture. But for me, photography was always my favorite.

      Those photos that makes us feel like we are actually there. Those photos that makes us feel the wind and smell the salt in the ocean. Those photos that takes us to somewhere, when we are just sitting in front of our screen. Those photos, were my wallpapers.

      This is when I got myself a first DSLR camera to start shooting my own “ Wallpapers “. Thanks to the technology we have today, sharing anything that can be converted into a data, can be done free. Without anything to lose, we can download images of photography taken by an unknown individual to a paintings of a great artist. This is why I started blogging and wanted to take part in this idea of sharing for free.

      2. What is the best thing that happened to you this far ?

      This is an interesting question, especially when I rarely stop to think about these things. I guess the best thing that happened in my life was studying art and design at university surrounding myself with creative friends. This experience changed how I view the world and small things that I didn’t really care about. It literally changed my life to become who I am now.

      3. How do you like to spend a day off ?

      My favorite past time now is to take a trip somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a long travel or special place. But I enjoy walking through cities at night with my favorite music.

      4. What is your favorite music style ?

      Music has always been my inspiration. When I work, when I’m in a creative mood, when I go to sleep, when I have a bad day, music has always been my side. Nowadays I listen to lot of Nu Jazz and Funk, but Pink Floyd had always been my music of inspiration. When editing my photos I would often play “ Outro “ by M83 on repeat. Somehow this song has the power to make anything seems beautiful.

      5. How do you see yourself in 20 years ?

      I really have no idea, but I hope to see myself travelling around the world with somebody I love.

      6. What’s your favorite drink ?

      Milk. It has always been my favorite drink since the day I was born.

      7. Tell us about 3 Japanese things you couldn’t without ?

      Ramen noodles, karaoke and onsen ( hot springs in the winter, after a really cold day of snow boarding is heavenly )

      8. What is the most beautiful place you have travelled to ?

      As far as I can recall, Santorini in Greece was the most beautiful island I have ever been to. Houses, walls, churches and restaurants were all painted in white, built on the hill beside the deep blue Aegean sea. I wish I could describe how I really felt being there, but this was before I’ve got my first camera.

      9. Which of your own posts do you like the most ?

      This was a hard question but I would say “ Mt. Fuji “ I shot in Okino Shima in May 6, 2013. Purple/pink gradient in the sky and the stillness of the very clear water somehow gives me a real nice relaxing feeling. It was my wallpaper for a very long time.

      10. What’s your favorite dish ?

      Again I would say ramen noodles. For those who still live in japan, I would really like to recommend Naritake in Chiba. It’s an extremely fatty pork soup based noodles, but it is also very addictive. I’m not sure if I can call this a dish, but I miss this every day that now I’m out of Japan.

      11. What season do you prefer ?

      Having spent my childhood in Singapore, the land of everlasting sun, I would say summer! This part of the year somehow gives me the energies and strengths to be more active and adventurous.

      • Thank you for your answers on my questions! I enjoyed reading them 🙂 Since one year ago, your photography has been decorating my computer screen. I’m looking forward to your next works!

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  7. Given the great quality of your photos, I’m astonished to see that you declare them as copyright free. I guess, this is just a very generous way of inviting people to share. Anyways, thank you for the great visual work you do!

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    • Thank you very much Mark! HDR photography have been my passion ever since I’ve got my first camera. Sometimes it’s very hard to find a boundary between the right amount of post processing and overdoing it, so I very much appreciate your comment 🙂

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  10. Thanks you guys , for all the love and encouragements . Each and every comment I read , makes me glad of what I do and gives me tons of hope . I’m glad I could share this surreal sensation with you guys and to find people who will enjoy them . I will keep posting images on this blog as long as I have my feet, my heart and my camera . Please come visit here once in a while to check out what’s new : )


    • I have always been keen in your work Javier . Very imaginative , definitely something new and unique in style . I will never figure out how you make those images , but those are something I would like to see in big prints and beautifully framed . Makes me glad to see artist like yourself exploring new ways of expression and keeping the art-culture alive !

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