Suck Me In

Suck Me In

Donaustadtbrücke, Vienna ( Austria ) | Fullscreen

9 thoughts on “Suck Me In

    • Hey!!!
      I’ve been experiencing a ” Non-motivativated ” period so was taking a small break from this blog. I’m back again with the sun 🙂
      Yes, I’m still in Vienna, how is it in this city so far ?

      • Heyyy! I’m just glad that you are back, missed your posts! I did send you an email back in September i think, don’t know if you ever got it. I love Vienna, i’m out every day for a walk, 7 months later, there is always something new to explore! 😀 We should really arrange a photo walk some time 😉

  1. Wow , what a surprise Michael ! I found a place totally random . Had to get back to fetch my camera when I saw the bridge ; )
    I’m back in Japan now but will be back next year . Hope to see you in Vienna man : )

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