Charging for Launch

Charging for Launch

Eichenstraße, Vienna ( Austria ) | Fullscreen


7 thoughts on “Charging for Launch

    • Thanks Alex! I was actually looking for a beautiful cemetery I always wanted to take photos of, when I found an interesting warehouse with warm lighting leaking from inside. So I decided to sneak inside the building, hoping that nobody will catch me. haha

      But I happened to encounter one of the workers there and so I asked with my very bad German, if I could take a photo here.
      We shook hands, took out my tripod and started to configure my camera settings when I realized he was standing right next to me with a dubious expression having his arms crossed. It was one of the most nervous photo shoot of my life XD

      It wasn’t until that I got back I actually got off at wrong station but end justifies the means 🙂

      • Hehe, you had quite an adventure 🙂 The photo is beautiful though so it was worth all the trouble! How is your German going? We must practice when i come…I’m totally rusty! I can understand everything but when i have to talk, not many words come out 😛

      • I guess we could say adventure is the best part about photography right? 😉
        Oh I’ve been studying German for almost 3 months now, but all I could say is ” Ich weiss nicht ” lol Nah, but seriously would be really nice if we could practice some little conversation together!

      • I agree 😀 We photographers have adventure in our blood!
        Hehehe, “Ich weiss nicht”, is a great start. It sounds like you are already on the right track to learn more. I must admit that even though i can understand the language very well, i have a hard time speaking and i have an Austrian mum. It’s a hard language and to get the pronunciation right is even harder. I can imagine that for a foreigner it must require a lot of afford. But i assume that most people there do know English, right?

  1. Thanks for the comment, Tabularasa! I always use Photomatix Pro for my HDR processing and it has always been my favourite!
    For the fluorescent light however, I would then take in to Photoshop and use the dodge tool to give it a little bit more of brilliance and brightness and apply some soft focus ( or blur ) over it in order to achieve warm, soft light look 🙂

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