The First Touch

The First Touch

Prater, Vienna ( Austria ) | Fullscreen


3 thoughts on “The First Touch

  1. Oh, i used to love those when i was younger 😀 Now i know what i’ll visit when i’ll come to Vienna! 😀 20th September by the way…ticket is closed 😉

    • It still was a lot of fun, especially after some couple of drinks haha
      Nice, that’s great news! I’ll be looking forward for some photo walk around this beautiful city 🙂
      I’m also a foreigner here, so I know what it’s like. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions or problems.

      • Hehe, i can imagine! Do you win any prizes for being the best driver? As i child i was very competitive and i always wanted to win in this so i could get one more free ride 😀

        Well, thank you Yuki 🙂 When it’s my time to come, we’ll definitely arrange a meeting soon after! I might be half Austrian but i don’t really know anyone from Vienna, so it’d be nice to hang out with somebody that we already have a common interest 😀

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