Reflection of Truth

Reflection of Truth

Austria Center, Vienna ( Austria ) | Fullscreen


5 thoughts on “Reflection of Truth

  1. Hi Heather! This photo is actually a “mirrored” image of a photo I took. So this is basically half real, half imaginary landscape 😉

    The concept behind it is that, when we see in the mirror, we expect the reflection to be “ourselves”.
    When in reality, all we see is a “opposite” imagery of ourselves. Which could be the least closest look of ourselves.
    So I titled this ” Reflection of Truth “. Which can also mean ” False “.

      • Hey Alex, thanks for the comment!

        I’m glad you realized, I wanted to have a text in the middle so I can somehow ” fool ” the viewer from noticing that it’s a mirrored image but also to give it a small riddle to the photo. The text says ” Reality is not a Reflection. ”

        Sometime ago I found a quote which said ” Reality is a reflection of who you are “. I think it’s a nice quote and does make a lot of sense.

        But then again, if reflection is the opposite imagery of yourself, there’s the contradiction.

        Looking through some of your photos and videos, I imagine you’ve already figured out the purpose of each eye, the left and right 😉

      • The text was very well placed and i loved the meaning of it too! 🙂 I think it really added that extra something in your photo! For me it gave it more value as an art piece not just a simple photo 🙂

        I’m uploading some older photos at the moment, i had a lot from some little trips i took with a photography group and i never had the time to edit them correctly. And since you mentioned videos…I really need to work on that too…

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