The Quality of Life

The Quality of Life

Karlsplatz, Vienna ( Austria ) | Fullscreen


11 thoughts on “The Quality of Life

    • Thanks Alexandra! Vienna is a really beauty city, especially if you are a historic-architecture fan 😉

      I’m still new to this city and I find amazing places everyday, just walking around.

      • That sounds really nice! When did you come to Vienna? I’m half Austrian but grew up in Greece and i do wish to move to Vienna as soon as i can in 2014 🙂

      • Wow! You have made the best choice 😉 haha
        I moved here exactly one month ago and since then, everything is great. Maybe we can go for a photo walk sometime in 2014 if you would like to!

      • Sounds like you really enjoy it! 🙂 How did you make the decision to move to Austria? Can you speak any German? I would absolutely love to do a photo walk with you 😀 Your photos are really sensational, i really enjoy your style! You’ll have to show me around cause i’ve never been to Vienna, only its airport, all my relatives live in Gmunden, that’s in northern Austria 🙂

      • Yeah, everyday is very exciting here!

        I had a Austrian friend back in Japan, who came from Vienna to study Japanese. She went back to her country after studying in Japan for a year, so I decided to visit Vienna this year in September, just for a vacation.

        But when she showed me around the city and met some people here, I instantly fell in love with the city. I knew I had to move here to see more!

        Best part about this country is that people are very friendly and civilized, the whole city still remains beautiful with all the historical buildings and is very clean. I cannot speak any German yet but people are still very happy to talk English with me and I have no problem so far 😉

        Yes, then we definitely have to go for a photo a walk. I’ll be more than happy to show you around the city and what I’ve found so far. Just tell me when you’re moving here and I’ll help you with what I can.

        Merry christmas by the way! 😉

      • Such a nice story 🙂 Well, i’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay even more as time goes by and you experience more of the city. It must be really exciting to be in a new and totally different environment! Well you can take me for a tour and i can help you with your German in exchange 😀
        I still don’t know, exactly when i’ll be able to come, i have to gather some money first but my goal is to be there in March. Things in Greece are really bad economically, people are totally miserable and i just can’t stand this whole situation. I need to be in a creative and productive environment and since i’m half Austrian, i thought it would be the best idea to just move there 😀 You know, i never really felt like i fit in the Greek mentality…so i’m hoping that i’ll also fall in love with Vienna and finally feel like i’m where i’m supposed to be 🙂

        Have a happy holiday and a happy new year! 😀 I can’t wait to see more photos from Vienna 😉

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