Four Dimensions of Summer

Four Dimensions of Summer

Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo (Japan) | Fullscreen


7 thoughts on “Four Dimensions of Summer

    • Thanks you so much for all the comments Heather!

      I’m very glad to see that you give me a helpful and inspiring feedback to almost every one of my shots!
      I appreciate your kindness.
      Soon, I would like to see some of your shots too 🙂 Looking forward to beautiful work and fresh inspiration.

      • Hello Yuki…you are most welcome! I’m very new to photography, only taking shots since October of 2013. I follow a number of blogs, yours included, where I feel I can learn from observation, where I’m inspired by the photos I see, where I’m challenged to do better, in my composition, perspective, lighting, movement, etc. I strive to please myself first, but if someone finds something pleasing in my photos that is a good thing! 🙂

      • I think photography is a very nice hobby to have! We can travel around places with nothing else but yourself and a camera, and at the same time enjoy looking for beautiful scenes and interesting moments. We can also meet new people and make friends everywhere, even online 🙂

        I personally admire 2 photographers which I get a lot of inspirations from and I will be very glad to introduce these photographers to you. They are very famous people so you might have heard of them before 🙂

        First photographer is called Trey Ratcliff. He is one of the photographer who introduced to the world the possibility of HDR photography. He’s shots are very detailed and stunningly beautiful.

        Another, is a commercial photographer called Joe Mcnally who mainly shoots portraits and he is the master of studio lighting. I was amazed by his controls over lighting using speed lights and soft box.

        I hope you like it too!

      • Hey Yuki…no I’ve not heard of either one…I checked out their sites and have to say Trey Ratcliff is absolutely amazing, his photos are stunningly brilliant…he does HDR perfectly as I’m sure it was meant to be used! I’ve not come across anyone that compares to his work… I have to say I do see why he is an inspiration to you! Joe Mcnally is fabulous as well, I’ve not tried any portraits, and don’t plan on it in the near future but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire the work of those who do and learn from them! Thank you so very much for sharing both links with me, I know I will learn a great deal from both photographers!

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