Feet In The Sand

Feet In The Sand

Matama Beach, Oita (Japan) | Fullscreen


13 thoughts on “Feet In The Sand

    • Thank you so much for the compliment Kenn!

      I met a very beautiful song while working with this photo. It’s a song called “outro” by a french band M83. I somehow believe that good music can really affect us in what we do. Especially when it’s something creative. It’s strange, but I guess that’s what makes us human.

      By the way, is there a specific genre or an artist you listen to when you work on your photos? I’m just curious 🙂

      • What a great question. I just found and listened to “Outro” on YouTube, and I can certainly understand how the song enhanced the creative process for you–it slowly, steadily builds to an eventual crescendo and a beautiful denouement. For me, the music I listen to while creating varies. I find the violin concertos of Giuseppe Tartini to be great accompaniment to the creative process, but I also at times find myself with Chet Baker or Tom Waits in the background. There’s a wonderful song called “Mountain Spring” by a group named Barrage (you can find it on YouTube) which also sometimes inspires me, and if you go back through some of my prior posts to the one titled “Danse en Rouge,” you’ll see that I specifically gave credit to Duo Gadjo’s version of “La Vie en Rose,” which was playing in the background when I composed that shot (their version of that song is also accesible on YouTube–check it out, I’m sure it’ll make you smile).

      • Thanks for all the recommendations, I see you have great taste in music! I’m glad I asked.

        I’m still new to this kind of music and to my shame I must confess, I’ve never heard of the songs you listed until now. But I think I will start listening to those you suggest and maybe I might find some change in my works 🙂

        So far I really like “La Vie en Rose” by Duo Gadjo. Maybe it’s because I play guitar myself too so it sounds more familiar to me. It also made me smile to see how this song inspired you to take that shot where pair of lovers are dancing in the candle light, maybe in a restaurant or a party.

        Still my all time favourite is Raga Bhimpalasi by Ravi Shankar. The great Indian sitar player!

    • Thanks again for the comment Heather! Because of my background as a graphic designer, I am madly in love with mathematical theory when it comes to composition. For this one, instead of using the rule of thirds I used golden ratio grid to crop the image 🙂

    • Thanks Tholos Santorini!

      At this time of the day, the tide was rising really fast and I had to move my camera after every shot because my shoes were getting wet. Every minutes or even every seconds, sand bars were changing shapes making different landscapes. So I had to take as many shots as possible in least amount of time in order to capture all different moments. This one was the first shot and was my favourite.

      Thanks again for the nice comment! I’m really glad that you said you could feel the atmosphere from this photo. That’s what I am always going for 🙂

  1. I love this photo. I’ve been dealing with multiple medical issues. May I use this photo in a portfolio of images that impart a sense of calm, joy, and healing? For my personal use only.

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