Shower In The Breeze

Shower In The Breeze

Kami Kochi, Nagano (Japan) | Fullscreen


10 thoughts on “Shower In The Breeze

    • Thank you Teng!

      This was taken from the other side of the bridge, the same bridge from my other shot “Sound of Tranquility”. That’s why I hesitated to upload this photo because it’s technically the same place. But I’m glad I did, thanks again for the comment 🙂

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment Sph3re! “Distinctive” is the best compliment someone can ever say to me.

      As an HDR photographer like you and I, I guess this type of photography is always full of wonder. We won’t know how photos will turn out to be, until we apply the magic! Some turn out a mess, some may turn out a pure gold 🙂

    • Thanks Willie! I think this is one of my lucky shots. Didn’t really expect anything from this one but post processing did the rest 🙂
      I’m really glad you liked it!

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