10,000 Gates of Happiness

10,000 Gates of Happiness

Fushimi Shrine, Kyoto (Japan) | Fullscreen


6 thoughts on “10,000 Gates of Happiness

    • Thanks a lot for the comment and all the feedback!

      When I would post process my image, I would try to imagine as if I am standing right there inside an image. Hoping that someone would see my photos and feels the same way that I do. Kind of like inviting someone into my dreams.

      Therefore your comment really means a lot to me. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much Javier, for all the compliments and feedback!
      I’ve read all your comments and I appreciate each and every one of them 🙂

      I took this photo right after getting my new tripod and wanted to try something
      a little different with the composition, since the location was one of the most
      famous places for photographers in Japan. That’s why I’m very glad you made a
      comment on it and I would really like to thank you again for all the feedback!

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